Kathy Genova

Kathy Genova has been teaching yoga for 6 years but she’s been practicing for most of her life. She was introduced to yoga at a very early age since it was part of the household; her father practiced yoga and pranayama in the home daily while she was growing up. Throughout her life Kathy’s attention and work has always turned toward the fine arts, the healing arts, and mysticism. Her philosophy is simple: Yoga is already within each of us, we need only surrender the blocks that keep us from the natural wisdom within. Yoga is a practice of consciousness, of being present with self and others and recognizing our connection to all things. When we open our hearts we embrace love and gratitude for ourselves and for this beautiful earth to which we are so connected. The experience of stilling the mind and calming the spirit through yoga, pranayama, meditation, kirtan, and yoga philosophy can produce profound physical and mental effects. Kathy loves and respects all styles of yoga though her true love lies with Vinyasa. She is an ISHTA trained 200-hour RYT, an advanced Reiki practitioner, and a practicing RN at Visiting Nurse Services where she oversees the hospice program. She believes that being in service creates a happier, healthier, more loving world.