Robyn Gaillard

While living in the Boston area, and taking up running (as so many Bostonians do), I came across yoga as an S.O.S. for my muscles while training for a marathon. With just three weeks until the race, I injured myself and took only yoga classes to rehabilitate and tone my body. I was hooked. I started to feel that yoga is what my body needs to be doing as a form of exercise. Soon I noticed how practicing yoga was becoming much more than just physical exercise. As I began an elementary school teaching career, I found myself relying on the peace, patience and presence cultivated on the mat– both in the classroom and in my daily life. No matter what (and we all have our “whats”), I’ve always had a yoga practice to steady and ground me. For this, I am so grateful. While now living on Long Island, I carry with me an enthusiasm for and life long dedication to being a student and teacher of yoga. I look forward to sharing my practice with yours.Shanti.