April 2017 Events

Chakra Balancing

With Mikayla and Kathy

Saturday, April 1st, 2:00-5:00pm

In this self-empowering class you will be gifted with tools to help you sustain higher levels of   energy and create a greater sense of peace and balance as well as overall awareness in your everyday life. In the midst of changing times, these tools will help to nourish the physical body, mind and soul.  From this session, we will share:

  • Questions and answers to what you would like to know about the chakra system.
  • Our experiences and understanding about the chakras and using a pendulum
  • Mantra (chanting/toning) specifically created to resonate and balance the chakra system.
  • Meditative pranayama (breath work) designed to cleanse the body/mind in order for the chakra system to work in an open fluid manner.
  • Chakra balancing yoga (asana)
  • Yin yoga
  • Closing healing circle

Cost: $50


Crystal Bowl Meditation

With Mary

Sunday, April 2nd, 6:00-7:30pm

The resonance of Crystal Singing Bowls create a harmonization between their vibration and that of the person listening or playing.The vibrations produced by crystal bowls can move and reshape atoms into a crystalline structure that is stronger, healthier and more balanced.
The sound of the bowls will impact the individual holistically by balancing the energetic body (chakras) as well as the auric field. Crystal bowl sounds activate the spinal cord which acts as a resonance vehicle, sending sound waves through the nervous system, cells, tissues and organs. The sounds can bring a person into alternate states of consciousness because of its effect on intraneural connections. Sound waves produced by the bowls also promote deep relaxation.

This particular set of bowls have been custom made to match the organic frequencies that are found in nature and the body. Come be held in love and light!

Cost: $30

Kirtan Soul Revival is BACK!

Saturday, April 29th

Kirtan Soul Revival (KSR) is New York City’s funkiest devotional mantra music experience.  KSR fuses traditional Sanskrit mantras, original music, and music from around the world to create a unique, dynamic sound that merges guitar-driven funk, rock, gospel, rhythm and blues, world grooves, and chants. This inspirational chanting creates an experience where you can open your heart and enjoy the expansiveness of life!

3:30 – 5:30pm  YOGA with Live Music  – Join us for a unique class where we combine YOGA with the music of Kirtan Soul Revival (KSR)!  This class brings Yoga and KSR together for an unparalleled movement and music experience!
5:30 – 7:00pm   Pot Luck DINNER  
Come celebrate with great food and great company!  For dinner, we share our community and your favorite foods!  Please help us prepare by offering a favorite dish to share….please email awakenkarens@gmail.com with your dish or sign-up at the studio.
7:00 – 9:00pm   KIRTAN with KSR –  It’s time to get your inspiration on with two hours of NY’s best chanting, dancing and great vibes!  You need not be a singer to enjoy the lush harmonies KSR creates as they invite their audiences to participate through call and response chanting.  You can easily and peacefully experience the joy of harmony in a space that encourages improvisation and exploration.
BOTH YOGA and KIRTAN with KSR  $65  Register Here

Yoga with Music Only (3:30-5:30pm)  $35  Register Here
Kirtan with KSR Only  (7:00-9:00pm)  $35  Register Here

Teen Yoga 6 Week Series

With Alice

Thursdays, April 20th to May 24th 6:00 – 7:00pm

Teen Yoga Springs on for our last session before the summer break!  Teen yoga includes adults – with or without a teen!
Join us for this fun, lively beginner class. The only prerequisite is a youthful attitude…
New six week series runs April 20-May 24th.  Led by Alice Weiser (RYT-500, RCYT-100)

Cost: $90 for 6 weeks or $20 to drop-in.


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