June 2017 Events

Community Kirtan

With Michael Aronoff

Friday, June 23rd, 6:30-7:45pm  
In it’s simpiliest definition, Kirtan is devotional song, a means to express adoration for the divine. Adoration expressed in song is considered to be the highest form of devotion. It has been said that singing kirtan is a virtue unsurpassed, the way and means to overcome the effect of ego.

Kirtan is a very different kind of music.  Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.  Everyone experiences kirtan differently, and….

  • It’s not so much a performance as a journey into the self through the practice of listening & singing.
  • The leaders are called wallahs, and everyone is part of the music.  Think of it like singing around a campfire, or a group sing along with joy and some meditation.
  • No one cares what you sound like when you sing.  You can experience your own voice becoming as beautiful as those performing-all voices merge together to become One Voice.

At Awaken, our Kirtan is a heart-opening community experience.

Join us for these special nights!
Cost: $10


Sacred Energy Light & Healing Workshop

With Mary Grey

Friday, June 30th   6:00-7:30pm

This workshop offers a healing experience combining the power of energy, sound and light therapies.  Using the Pandora Star, a powerful light entrainment device that uses flickering light to guide your brain, you’ll experience a range of beneficial states of brainwave activity.  Through sequencing and control of flickering light, Pandora Star makes it possible to access any frequency state from 0.1 to 200 Hz. We also use sound healing as a powerful method to  to re-tune the body, mind and spirit by balancing the flow of energy through the chakras and meridians, bringing about deep relaxation, energizing the physical body and clearing the emotional body so that a renewed sense of one’s vitality, clarity, grace and joy can be accessed. Participants will receive a healing from a Reiki practitioner, and energy worker.



Fall Teacher Training (Early Bird Deadline)

With Michael Aronoff and Stacy Plaske

October 20th thru March 12th

Early Bird Discount – Save $400 until June 20th 

Each of us is perfect and complete lacking nothing. The transformative practice of yoga is a process of revealing this truth. Through this training we will go deep and discover our innermost potential. What is revealed is yourself as kind, compassionate and loving, at peace with yourself and the world around you. Each moment of our lives is an opportunity to wake up; to arrive fully in the moment, experience it, receive it, respond appropriately, then let go… dropping in deeper into the natural flow of your life.

For complete details or to download an application, explore the 200 Hour and 300 Hour Teacher Training programs.


Coming Up in Early July….

Community Sangha

With Martha 

Friday, July 7th   7:00-8:00pm

“A sangha is a community of friends practicing the dharma together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness. The essence of a sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love. ”

Meets the first Friday of every month.

Cost: Donation Suggested


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