Our Story


Gail and Kathy were inspired to share the practice of yoga and to cultivate a
sense of connections as a community or Sangha.

The practice of Yoga has been a life changing practice for both Gail and
Kathy and the love and gratitude that is felt is overflowing. Our hearts are
full and we want to share the beauty and healing of this practice to the ones
we love as well as our community and beyond! Cultivating a equanimity of
love is one of the primary goals of Yoga that is important to us as teachers.
It is the practice of resilience: An unwavering balance in the face of difficult
situations and life’s hardships.

Equanimity teaches us how to maintain clarity in the mind, as well as
kindness and compassion within the heart. As Yogis we strive to maintain
an attitude of love with a state of inner balance in all of life’s situations.

Our mission is to provide a serene, safe and welcoming space where
students can explore their own yoga, develop their own personal Yoga
journey and self- transformation.

Our work is to create peace in our world, communities, and families by first
creating peace within ourselves.

Our vision is that Yoga is a practice for everyone and as a studio, we
support that is all aspects of our business. Our mission is delivered with
friendliness, warmth and love. We will empower teachers with the tools
necessary to be instantly successful and situated for growth. Living up to
our mission with the highest possible quality of teachers, class offerings,
and training opportunities.

Our schedule allows for a wide range of classes from the beginner to the
advanced with an emphasis on philosophy and love for ourselves and each

In love and joy


Gail and Kathy


Kathy Genova
Gail Stubbolo