Kathy Genova

Growing up in a household where her father made Yoga and Pranayama a daily practice, for as long as Kathy can remember Yoga has been an important part of her life. After studying nursing and completing her Bachelor’s degree, Kathy’s passion became end of life care. She spent more than 20 years of her life working as a Registered Nurse with Visiting Nurse Service’s Hospice Program in Northport, NY.
Embracing a lifestyle that places a strong value on health and wellness, Kathy has enjoyed practicing several different types of exercise throughout her life including running, biking, swimming, kick boxing and of course Yoga. She has participated in triathlons, century bike rides and half marathons across the country. Before she began practicing Yoga full time, Kathy spent time working as an instructor at a local gym, teaching spinning, kickboxing, prenatal classes and aerobics.She became a certified 200 hour Yoga instructor in 2009, and from that point forward has been passionate about sharing the benefits of Yoga to people of all ages.
For over a decade, Kathy has been practicing Reiki. Soon after discovering Reiki, her passion for the healing art led her to become a Reiki Master teacher. Reiki rounds out Kathy’s holistic approach to health and wellness, with Reiki’s energy healing supporting the body, mind and immune system. Often, Kathy incorporates elements of Reiki into her Yoga classes using tools such as crystals and essential oils. Both Yoga and Reiki helped her in her nursing practice, and in her own life, to sharpen her attention and concentration and to remain calm in the most trying situations.
For Kathy, owning a Yoga studio is a wonderful opportunity to share the love, joy and peace that comes from a consistent Yoga practice. She believes that consistent practice provides an opportunity to attain knowledge and wisdom, and learn how to stay centered, focused and balanced. Kathy loves to share her passion in each class offering a vinyasa Yoga flow along with mindfulness to breath, body, mind and spirit.