Teacher Training

We are a Registered Yoga School on Long Island

registered-yoga-schoolEach of us is perfect and complete, lacking nothing, a part of the cosmic whole and the entire universe itself.  This is the truth revealed by the ancient seers of Yoga.  Yoga is union with Self.  Union of self with Self.   Separation is the illusion.  The transformative practice of yoga brings us back to this truth at a reality in our daily lives.

As we learn to fully Awaken our natural potential, we experience and manifest joy, peace and happiness for ourselves, those we love, our friends, family and all beings. By transforming ourselves, we transform our world.

Getting Your RYT Certification

Getting certified by the Yoga Alliance requires a certain amount of Yoga experience, required reading, and certain courses offered by registered yoga schools.

Our 200 hour course helps you complete your RYT200 Certification.